Destination Wedding Benefits

9 out of 10 couples say a key factor in their wedding location choice is weather. That being said, 24% of marriages are destination weddings and we think it is a great option!


Considering a celebration abroad? Here are 5 reasons you should!

  1. Create an experience for your guests. Destination weddings are often a few days away with an intimate group. This allows you to really enjoy a memorable experience and spend quality times with the important people in your life. Think about the details and personalized little things to make it extra special!
  1. Budget. Destination weddings offer more options to meet your budget. From all inclusive options to simple affairs in the sand, out of town locations allow for a more casual setting allowing you to save for other things.
  1. Ease of honeymoon planning. Many couples choose to extend their time on site or travel to another nearby destination for their honeymoon. All can be done through one travel agent for simplicity and cost effectiveness.
  1. Great photos. If you like to travel and choose a meaningful destination, your wedding album will be even more amazing!
  1. Flexibility with timing. Most couples in Canada choose the summer/early fall months for weddings with few booking winter weddings. Opting for a destination wedding gives you flexibility to book any time of the year (in most places) and enjoy the perks of that destination! *This could be great for your budget as well.